Main Campus: Near BRT Station Tehkal Payan Opposite KFC University Road Peshawar.. Phone: 091-5711989


Every endeavor is made to provide a calm and serene atmosphere in the hostel of FARABI DEGREE COLLEGE. All possible measures are taken to facilitate and mould the potential of boarders in disciplined and pursue their studies in peaceful neat and ensure physical fitness and healthy growth well-organized daily routine so that they can hygienic living environment. conditions, of young scholars. Study hours are strictly observed by warden. All necessary arrangements have also been made for Dars-e-Quran and Dars-e-Hadith by competent and authentic religious scholars. They are also made to adopt the habit of offering regular congregational prayers. Observance of various religious and national days with due solemnity and fervor, is also part and parcel of hostel life.

HOSTEL Rules & Regulation

1) The Student of FDC Hostel will spend their life according to a proper schedule. There will be a schedule for prayer, Lunch, Dinner, Rest, Games and Study hour. All the students will act upon on this schedule.

2) The Student of FDC Hostel will spend their life according to a proper schedule.

3) Drugs, Cigarette is strictly prohibited in the premises of the hostel.

4) Mobile is not allowed in hostel in case of emergency the students can use.

5) If the student face any emergency inform the warden at once.

6) The students need to take care of the cleanness and serenity of the hostel.

7) The Student need to take care of the hostel equipments i.e furniture, electronic instruments and senatery goods.

8) The Student can avail only one holiday in a month.

9) Once a student reserved his seat in a hostel. He is liable to pay Nine month rent of the hostel.

10) The students will wear hostel uniform in a hostel.

11) Coaching Classes is compulsory for hostel students.



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